10 Tips to Cope with Depression whilst dieting

A weight loss plan can have stressful effects on your mental health, therefore whilst dieting, exercising and eating healthy is important, taking care of your mental health is equally important. These are 10 tips to help you cope improve your mental health whilst on a diet;

  1. Shift Your attention to positive thinking
  2. Set Small Goals
  3. Focus on the Basics
  4. Keep Active
  5. Reach Out to Friends & family
  6. Eat Clean
  7. Keep some Humor in your life
  8. Do the things you LOVE
  9. Limit Alcohol intake and other substances
  10. Give YOURSELF some CREDIT


These tips will assist you to feel better.

1.    Stick to a routine

Depression will strip away the structure from your life. Try setting small goals for yourself every day. Make sure that these goals are attainable. Sticking to a routine will help you to not fall in a state of apathy.

2.    Set goals.

If you are depressed every small chore will feel like climbing a mountain. “Start little,” Make your goal one thing that you simply will succeed at, like doing the dishes each day. As you begin to feel better you will start adding new daily tasks.

3.    Exercise.

It briefly boosts feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. It should even have semi-permanent advantages for people with depression. Regular exercise encourages the brain to wire itself in positive ways.

How much exercise does one need? A simple walk  ma few times a week will make you feel better immediately.

4.    Eat healthily.

There’s no magic diet that fixes depression. It is a sensible long term plan that will be both beneficial for weight loss and phycological well-being..

There is proof that foods with omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids (such as salmon and tuna) and vitamin B complex (such as spinach and avocado) might ease depression.

5.    Get enough sleep.

Insomnia is a very common condition people face when they are depressed or anxious. What can one do? Begin by creating some changes to your lifestyle. Try and go to bed everyday at the same time. Create a routine and make sur your bedroom is free from clutter and disturbing sounds.

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