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Fitness and Exercising at home has become more and more popular – not just for weight loss. Reports from the E-commerce Times showed that last year, during the time when the coronavirus began to get a global hold, the sales of dumbbells on eBay increased by 1980 per cent, compared to sales statistics in 2019.

Now what does this tell us? A lot of people around the world are learning to stay fit and healthy both physically and psychologically, following the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020, a lot of us were left with no option but to remain in their homes and play along with the government’s social distancing measures.

threamill exercising for fitness and weight loss

In 2021, not much has changed. More individuals are beginning to buy fitness products to exercise at home. Though lockdown rules have been eased a little, a lot of individuals are still scared of the public space. The coronavirus pandemic really played a huge role in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Let’s see how the coronavirus pandemic has affected fitness trends in 2021.

Stay-at-Home Exercise Trends in 2021

With the current state of the pandemic´╝îindividuals are now seeking to home workouts as a way of staying fit.

Walking and Hiking

Well not really stay-at-home, but close to home, various research carried out this year has shown that individuals are beginning to increase their walking distances. For many of us, we rarely can go a day without some walking around the neighborhood, whether for the reason of seeing a nearby friend, getting a snack or just to get a feel of how nature or the outdoors is for  a while. Additionally, individuals are now beginning to notice the importance of brief walks and are now beginning to shun cabs and taxis for distances which can be covered quite comfortably on foot.

A research by Mintel revealed that about a quarter of young adults between 16 and 24 years of age are now recreational hikers, rising almost twice as high from 16% in 2018.

fitness at home exercises
fitness at home exercises

Home gyms

Home gyms are  another stay-at-home fitness trends that have been making waves in 2021. Individuals have now resulted to having their own mini gyms at home. A recent poll which was organized by OnePoll. From about 2,000 people who partook in the poll, 75% of these individuals believe that exercising and staying fit at home was much easier and more effective than going to the gyms.

This of course doesn’t come as a surprise as humans are more tilted to do what brings less stress. Research has shown that the reason why a majority have started opting more for home gyms isn’t necessarily because it is more effective, but because it is less stressful and their psychology says it’s ok!

Additionally, getting a home gym isn’t all that expensive as previously thought. A couple of bucks can seal the deal. We should be looking at about $95 here.

With 2 dumbbells and some exercise bands, you’re good to go. Stretching and following a yoga course on youtube costs nothing.

fitness at home
stretching exercises and fitness at home

Apps for minimal-equipment exercise

Use of fitness apps have seen the most increase in 2021 compared to previous years. While setting up a home gym is awesome, some may not have the luxury of space. So, they choose the next possible option, which is fitness apps. What’s amazing is that you could use this app without having to spend one cent!

Researchers have predicted that the use of fitness apps will continue to increase. Many of these fitness apps require minimal equipment. Just you and your body doing your fitness thing!

Low Impact Workouts

Fitness coaches have reported a shift in the method of workouts adopted by some of their clients in 2021. Whether this has anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic has not really been studied. However, there has been a huge shift favoring low impact workouts. A lot of individuals are beginning to realize that their bodies need to ”breathe”, and rather than focusing on just physical built, mental state is beginning to gain much attention.

Fitness workout concept
Fitness workout concept

Holistic Fitness Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has seen more people concentrating on holistic health, rather than just physical health. Rather than a medium to just simply gain weight, many individuals are beginning to consider fitness as a way of improving on not just physical health but mental health as well.


Individuals are now beginning to recognize how important recovery plays in general fitness routine and exercise performance. Additionally, topnotch recovery tools which were formerly used by only top fitness experts, therapists and athletes are now being used at home by many individuals as access to these tools are beginning to increase.

This year has also noticed a surge in sales of products that ease tight muscles, decrease peripheral resistance of blood vessels (thus easing circulation of blood throughout the body) and enhance relaxation.

Mind-body Exercise

No doubt, the pandemic negatively affected the mental health of quite a number of individuals. As a result of this, fitness experts are now seeking for ways to incorporate a combined mental and physical exercise routine where the mental and physical health of individuals are taken as a whole rather than two separate entities.

Mind-body activities have been tipped by experts to gain tremendous momentum in the coming years.

Fitness equipment
Fitness equipment

Virtual Fitness Trends

As everyone seems to be at home, it is no surprise that virtual fitness has now gone on the rise. 2021 has seen more virtual fitness trainings and video games which aim to keep people in motion. Now, there seems to be an option for anyone no matter your fitness goals and energy limits.

Virtual training

Virtual trainings have skyrocketed in 2021 following the need for individuals to stay at home.  Though lockdown measures have been eased and coronavirus cases have dropped, fitness experts are still finding ways to go virtual in their fitness trainings. Some of these options may include fitness programs, virtual at-home cycling programs and virtual group workouts and challenges.

Active video games

Video games are also gaining momentum in 2021. By studying the motion of the body’s muscles, video game developers are beginning to create video games which enhance body movement, thus acting as a form of fitness.  

home stretching and fitness
home stretching and fitness


The coronavirus pandemic has in no doubt, caused a paradigm shift in the exercise and fitness industry. Experts have tipped that in coming years, virtual trainings and online fitness tools will outperform physics trainings and gym attendance.

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