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If you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking to keep up with a healthy status with a fitness routine, a fitness APP is one indispensable tool to grace yourself with.

With the recent covid-19 pandemic, hitting the gym has been a problem for many as fears of contracting the virus has meant that so many will begin exercising at home.

Though covid-19 restrictions have been lifted to a certain limit, the virus is still out there and exercising at home remains the safest way to stay fit.

Apropos of this, we have researched on some of the best fitness application out there and have come up with three top fitness applications. We have reviewed these apps meticulously to guide you on which to choose.

best fitness apps 2021

Map My Run

If you’re a jogging enthusiast, then this amazing application by MapMyFitness Inc has got to be at the top of your list.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting up on your fitness journey or you’re an experienced runner, the MapMyRun app has got absolutely everything you need to keep you on track to hit your fitness goals.

This application tracks your route, distance covered on each run, pace, and more in real-time using GPS.  The app also offers personalized fitness plans and expert coaching tips to ease the process of your fitness routine. Additionally, they have a pool of over 60 million athletes who are ready to support you through your fitness journey.

Other amazing benefits of this app include:

  • Training Plan: This app offers customizable training plan which suits your fitness goals perfectly.
  • Special Workout Routines: UA performance specialists have designed a collection of special workout routines to keep you at the top of your game.
  • Healthy at Home  Challenge: This app features a challenge to keep you encouraged through your fitness journey. You can join the Healthy at Home challenge and log 12 workouts in 30 days!
apps for Fitness runner
apps for Fitness runner


If you’re looking to cut down on some calories, then this app is your best bet. Currently standing as the easiest calorie counter and macro tracker, this app can make you lose weight at the comfort of your home.

With MyFitnessPal app, you get access to the largest database of food available. There are over 40 million foods available and these also include global cuisine and various restaurant items, giving you the possibility to log almost every food you eat.

You’re not alone in your weight-loss journey with MyFitnessPal. With an online community of over 200 million members, keeping on track won’t be a problem as you’ll get the inspiration you need to stay focused with your journey. If you want to feel inspired to make smarter food choices and good eating habits, then this application is a must-have.

Essentially, having this amazing fitness application is like having a dietitian, fitness coach and a fitness trainer all at the grasp of your fingers.

Unique benefits of this app include:

  • Log Meals & Activity – This app has got some nice tools to make your diet and workout logging rapid and simple.
  • Customizable fitness plans and goal setting plans for your weight, diet and fitness.
  • Progress Track: This app allows you to keep track of your weight loss success so you know how well you’re doing.
  • Expert Coaching: Gives you access to coaching from top professionals to keep you at the top of your fitness journey.
  • Engaged Community: This app has over 40 million online members with whom you can make friends with, get inspired from and learn along with.
fitness apps at home
fitness apps and exercising at home


Are you ready to kickoff your fitness journey with those amazing runs? Ready to swing into action and get your body in good shape, then you’ve to get this excellent app by Runtastic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur runner or a marathon racer, or you’re just running for the fun of it, the adidas Running app by Runtastic has got everything you need to get your started.

This app gives you the opportunity to keep track of your distance, your velocity, acceleration, energy expended,  time spent on each running activity and other important metrics. Runtastic has got an excellent and supportive online community to keep you inspired throughout your journey. You can connect with this community to keep your competitive momentum lively. Additionally, they have partnered with other fitness brands such as My Fitness Pal, Suunto, Kinomap, Running Heroes, Keller Sports, Polar, and Garmin Connect (Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, GPS-enabled Vivo or Edge bike computer).

What’s amazing is that you can record videos of your breathtaking moments when you use the relive app.

Unique benefits of this app include:

  • GPS Tracking: This app has a built-in GPS tracking to keep track of all your fitness metrics and statistics such as distance covered and speed.
  • Track energy expended, measure cardiovascular parameters such as heart rate and blood pressure and other activities like body weight training, running, yoga, cycling and even walking.
  • Gives you the opportunity to join global virtual race competitions where you get to race against competitors from around the world.
  • You get the opportunity to keep record of your best sprints.
  • Gives you the opportunity to set customizable goals to fit your fitness needs. You may choose a daily weekly or monthly goal.
  • Regular Updates: You can keep yourself up-to-date and motivated throughout your fitness journey with regular publications on their blog.
fitness apps at home
fitness apps at home


We have meticulously compared three of the top fitness app you can find out there so you don’t have to get a headache trying to figure out for yourself, which fitness application is the best for you. However, after making your choice, we advice that you do some little research on your own to confirm things. Remember, health is wealth. And there isn’t any better way to a better wealth than with a good fitness routine. Get yourself a fitness application today and kick-start your fitness journey.

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