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Our vegetarian recipes are easy and fast to prepare, giving you a healthy vegetarian meal without too much fuss. Go through our recipes and enjoy trying them out at home.

Quick and Easy Vegan Roasted Potatoes

About Potatoes Potatoes are good for weight loss and for healthy eating, as they are rich in a large number of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. Potatoes help improve blood sugar control, reduce heart disease risk and help with having a stronger immune system. Potatoes can be added to ...

Vegan Grilled Mushroom based Steak

This vegan mushroom based steak replacement is a great complement to your vegan diet and to your weight loss plan. The use of fresh herbs such as rosemary adds that extra layer of taste, to the already rich in taste portobello mushrooms. Health Benefits from eating mushrooms Mushrooms are ...

Vegan Zucchini Noodles with pesto

A Vegan twist to a noodle based dish, using fresh and healthy ingredients and prepared in very little time and hassle. Have a go and Enjoy! Ingredients: Olive Oil Garlic Zucchini 1 tin of chickpeas (circa 400g) Salt Basil leaves Cherry tomatoes (optional) Directions ...

Cauliflower Rice In a Jiffy

Per 100g Serving25 Calories Yield1 Batch Total Cooking Time12min Cauliflower is an amazingly versatile vegetable that can be used in many different ways and in many different recipes. Cauliflower is filling and yet very low in calories and jam packed with nutrients.  Check out the ...

Healthy and Sexy Quinoa Salad

Calories Per 100g138 Calories YieldServes 4 Total Cooking Time45 min wanna feel sexy and healthy this summer...indulge yourself with this fresh quinoa salad. Full of freshness and colorful flavors that will tingle your taste buds. A healthy diet is key for weight loss. You will feel ...

Quick and Fresh Greek Salad

Calories Per 100g112 Calories Yield1 Bowl Serves 4 Total Cooking Time12min One of the quickest and healthiest meals to prepare for the upcoming hot summer days! The ingredients are simple and most probably are already in your fridge waiting for you to conjure up a healthy dish. It ...

Dark Chocolate Oat Cookies

Calories Per Cookie70 Calories Yield10 Cookies Total Cooking Time25min Oats is a very healthy gluten free whole-grain food, loaded with antioxidants, soluble fiber, minerals and a variety of healthy vitamins. Oats is an important ingredient in your weight loss diet as it is a low ...

Vegetarian Rainbow Lasagna

Calories Per 100g186 calories Yield1 Large Dish Serves 4-6 Total Cooking Time1 Hours 15 minutes Ingredients Ingredients: For the Butternut Squash Layer 1 Medium Sized Butternut SquashOlive OilSalt and Pepper Ingredients: For the Ricotta Layer 600g Ricotta2 Large ...


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