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Weight Loss and Fat Burners

Which is the best fat burning supplement? There is a lot more to weight loss than just diet and exercise. Not everybody has ample time to exercise for several hours daily. Some people have a very busy schedule that makes exercising inconsistent or impossible.

These categories of people require additional help to their weight loss regimen. They need to take a herbal supplement that helps to loose fat. Another set of people who need this are those that find it difficult to lose fat even with adequate exercise and a good diet. Some people eat large quantities of food with no significant weight gain, while others gain weight easily.

It was discovered that some chemical compounds which are found in plants have the unique ability to make you loose fat at a fast rate. When these products are used together with diet control and exercise, the result can be astonishing. Several researchers have worked on these plant products that assist with weight loss, to increase their efficiency and reduce possible toxicity that can arise from its use. A lot of success has been attained in that regard, and many different weight loss products are on the market today.

Three of these weight loss products will be compared in this article. The comparison will only look at what makes one product different from the other, but the ultimate choice of which one to use will depend on the individual person and their lifestyle. The comparison will be based on the ingredients, the efficiency, and the price of each product.


Garcinia Extra is a natural weight loss supplement that is directed to help you lose fat. The active ingredient in this supplement is extracted from a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. Each serving is estimated to contain about 1000mg of the active ingredient. The active ingredient in Garcinia extra is raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone has been known for many years for its activity in weight loss and fitness.

How does it work?

It works by augmenting the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms. Raspberry ketone facilitates the release of an enzyme called adiponectin. Adiponectin is a metabolic regulatory which increases the body’s metabolic activity to enhance the burning of calories. This eventually depletes the body’s store of calories and then fat stores get broken down for energy. This is why supplements cause a significant degree of weight loss even without diet changes.

Garcinia extra also works by suppressing appetite and stabilizing the mood. Appetite suppression leads to reduced calorie intake while stabilizing the mood.

How much does it cost?

Each bottle of this weight loss supplement costs 40 euros.


NOOCUBE is a supplement with a difference. As a brain stimulant, it is quite surprising to know that it does not contain caffeine. Caffeine is not part of its ingredients because it causes anxiety and palpitations. Caffeine is also unsafe for people with arrhythmias.

How does it work?

To help you lose fat, NOOCUBE is made with pure and natural nootropics, whose main action is to increase brain activity. This in turn gives you a better attention span, better listening skills, and improves memory and alertness. NOOCUBE achieves weight loss by keeping you active and productive for most of the day. NOOCUBE contains Oat Straw, which is undoubtedly very rare and difficult to find in other nootropic snacks. Increased activity helps to use up available calories in the body. Once this happens, fat stores will be broken down to generate more energy for the body.

How much does it cost?

Surprisingly, NOOCUBE is very affordable when you consider all it has to offer. One bottle of NOOCUBE brain productivity costs 32 euros.


PnP vitalus is another supplement aimed to assist with healthy living. It was put on the market after years of research to test for efficacy and safety. Each of the capsules contain 10mg of CBD. THC, which is the stimulant in cannabis, has been completely removed from the product during purification. This supplement also contains other ingredients such as; Green Tea Extract, Purified Crystalline Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract, MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) Powder, and L-Theanine.

How does it work?

For many centuries now, cannabis has been used to treat different forms of illnesses. From its anti-inflammatory action to its anxiolytic action, cannabis has always been on the list because of its benefits. PnP vitalus’s main ingredient is CBD, which has its way of reducing the rate of fat storage and increasing its breakdown. This ensures that you lose fat at a faster rate than expected. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, PnP vitalus won’t only help you lose fat, but it will also keep your body healthy by getting rid of excess oxidants.

How much does it cost?

This healthy and natural weight loss supplement comes affordable to all. Each bottle of this cannabis supplement is going for 36 euros.


Staying healthy means making some decision which will affect your lifestyle. This includes decisions on diet, exercise, and the type of weight loss supplement to use. Choosing a type of supplement depends on an individuals preference and the goal you want to achieve. Garcinia extra, Noocube, and PnP vitalus are excellent supplements that will give you great value for your money. But a choice will have to be made between the three. 

In terms of ingredient, Garcinia extra, Noocube, and PnP vitalus contains ingredients that are extracted directly from nature. However, PnP vitalus is made from locally grown cannabis plants, from which the active ingredient (CBD) is extracted.

Pricing varies across the three supplements, but the ultimate choice will depend on which specific benefit you want alone with the weight loss benefit they generally offer. If weight loss is your only concern, then NOOCUBE (which is priced at 32 euros) is the most affordable.

Garcinia extra provides appetite suppression and mood stabilization in addition to its weight loss effects. This means that it helps to decrease the number of calories you consume daily. Noocube, however, is a brain stimulant that aims at improving cognitive function in addition to helping you stay healthy. If you want to be alert and productive during the day, then Noocube is the supplement for you. Lastly, PnP vitalus provides amazing anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties in conjunction with its weight loss property. If you need a weight loss supplement that will also act as an anti-inflammatory agent, then PnP vitalus is your best bet.

Staying healthy is truly more than just moderating diet and regular exercise. The use of weight loss supplements is also very useful as it can make your weight loss journey a lot easier and faster!

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