Clavitanol Fat Blocker – All you need to know

Clavitanol is a patented weight loss complex used in many diet pills, designed to reduce the breakdown and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat into calories. Clavitanol has been on the market since 2014, and is generally treated as being a fat blocker, although it is actually geared towards reducing caloric intake and reducing food cravings.

Whilst blocking or reducing the amount of nutrients your body can take up could have some risks especially when Clavitanol is taken on a long term basis, such as malnutrition and muscle mass loss, Clavitanol claims to increase weight loss by x3 compared to when dieting alone.

How does Clavitanol work?

Clavitanol works on the digestive system, by slowing down or blocking digestive enzymes (such as peptidase, amylase and lipase enzymes) in our body that breakdown food. Clavitanol also binds with fat molecules stopping the body from being able to absorb the fat during digestion.

The food that is not absorbed is excreted by the body, without being digested. Clavitanol is taken before meals to maximise its effects.

Clavitanol does not require a prescription but should be taken with caution and with guidance from your medical doctor. It should be taken as part of a healthy diet and exercise program, and not as a stand alone solution. This should be only a part of your long term weight management program.

Side effects of taking Clavitanol

Many people taking Clavitanol experience a bloated feeling, gas and changes in bowel movement patterns. Some also experience headaches and stomach pains, probably due to the gas.

How to buy Clavitanol

Diet pills such as XLS Medical contain Clavitanol, you can have a closer look by clicking here.



Other alternatives include PhenQ, learn more from here. This fat burning, fat blocking, food craving suppressor and energy boosting diet pill is worth trying.

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