COVID-19 and gym sessions – is it safe now to go to the gym?

Physical Exercise is key to being healthy and strong, but with the coronavirus still around, exercising indoors is something that might increase our chances of getting the coronavirus. Bearing in mind that not everyone with the virus has symptoms, the person on the gym machine next to you might well have the coronavirus, so we need to take all possible precautions to keep safe during our workout.

Tips on how to keep safe at the gym

  • sanitize all surfaces before using the gym equipment
  • ensure the gym staff are taking everyone’s temperature before allowing them into the gym, this is an important precaution. Also see how often the gym is cleaned and how thoroughly. This includes the changing rooms and reception areas, door handles, switches and more.
  • the gym should be well ventilated at all times, with windows wide open and members should be encouraged to keep their masks on. Good air flow reduces the concentration of the coronavirus and reduces the risk of infection.
  • wear a mask at all times, even if you are not required by law, when you and others in the gym exercise (cardio or strength training), your rate of breathing increases and more spit molecules will go in the air unless you wear a mask
  • use your hand sanitizer regularly during your gym session
  • avoid peak hours and crowded areas of the gym
  • wash your hands regularly
  • keep your distance from other people (2 metres)
  • take a cloth and small bottle of disinfectant with you and wipe down dumbells, barbells, and anything you are going to come in contact with
  • exercise at home, there is alot you can do at home from push-ups, weights, stretching, skipping, sit-ups, yoga, and so much more. Just find a good training video on youtube and follow the workout
  • if you have any symptoms, however mild, don’t go to the gym or any other public places
stretching at home training
stretching at home training

Alternatives to gym training

There are many other alternatives to going to the gym, such as;

Outdoor Sports – that competitive game of tennis or 5 a side game of football match will get your heart pumping and is so fun that you will be coming back for more each week. There is less risk of getting the virus if you are outdoors, but we still recommend wearing a mask and taking all precautions necessary before and after the game.

Jogging – when the weather is good, there is nothing like a 30 minute jog to stretch those muscles and to clear your mind, getting rid of that extra energy and stress. Exercising in the sunlight is also good for you and your mental state, and this sunlight and fresh air can also reduce the virus activity.

Walking – a 60 minute brisk walk 3-4 times a week will help you lose weight, sleep better and keep fit and healthy.

People at risk

Some groups of people are at a higher risk of getting a severe case of COVID-19 virus. If you or someone in your household fall within one of the high risk categories, you might want to avoid gyms and instead exercise outdoors and away from close contact with other people.

These groups of people include;

  • people over 65 years of age
  • people suffering from diabetes
  • those who have heart or respiratory conditions
  • immunosuppressed people
yoga training class
yoga training class


Depending on where you live, the covid-19 virus might have spread there more and therefore you might want to avoid going to a gym until things get better. If you live in an area with lower virus presence, you may also consider alternatives to the gym, going outdoors will give you fresh air and possibly some sunlight too.

Therefore be smart with your choices, and stay safe.

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