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Fish is a good source of high quality protein, rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are Essential fats, that is our body cannot produce them and we can only obtain them through our diet.

Omega 3 fatty acids are very important for our overall health.

About omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of heart disease. They have many beneficial effects over your body and brain.

There are three types of Omega 3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA. Omega 3 fatty acids can help reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, of these three types, EPA appears to be the best at reducing the risk of depression.

Good for your eyes

DHA omega 3 makes up 60% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in your retina. it is therefore important for the health of your retina and in reducing the risk of macular degeneration, which would cause vision related issues and even blindness.

Good for your brain

DHA makes up 40% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in your brain. Taking in Omega 3 fatty acids through eating fish or through taking food supplements, is also important during pregnancy, to promote brain growth and eye health.

Eating a variety of fish twice a week should give you all the omega 3 your body needs. Omega 3 fatty acids can also be taken as food supplements from here.

Good for your heart

Groups of people that consume alot of fish, are known to have very low rates of heart disease. This is linked to their omega-3 consumption, their benefits are listed here;

Blood pressure

Omega 3 consumption can help reduce blood pressure.


Plaque in your arteries hardens them and causing restriction to the blood flow, omega 3 consumption keeps arteries smooth and healthy.


Omega 3 consumption reduces the chemicals that your body releases during the inflammatory response.

Blood clots

Omega 3 consumption helps reduce the forming of harmful blood clots in your blood stream.

HDL cholesterol

Omega 3 consumption can raise good HDL cholesterol levels, and some studies show they can also reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels too.


Omega 3 consumption can reduce Triglycerides by up to 30%.

salmon, tuna, mackeral fish
salmon, tuna, mackeral fish

Reduce the risk of Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases involve your body attacking your own cells, as it sees these cells as foreign harmful bodies to attack.

An example of an Autoimmune disease is type 1 diabetes, were your body attacks the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin.

Omega-3 fights cancer

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of certain cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

Good for reducing the risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome includes a number of conditions which increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, such as;

  • belly fat
  • high triglycerides
  • low good HDL cholesterol levels
  • insulin resistance
  • high blood pressure

Omega 3 consumption improves insulin resistance and reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease in people suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Reduce Asthma in children

Omega 3 reduces inflammation and is therefore also good to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the airways of your lungs when suffering from asthma. This helps reduce the coughing and shortness of breath.

Good for your Skin

DHA fatty acid improves the health of your cell membranes in your skin. This helps reduce wrinkles in your skin, and keeps it moist and soft.

EPA fatty acid is also good for your skin, as it helps control the oil production and water content in your skin. EPA therefore reduces the risk and effects of acne. EPA is also good to reduce the effects of ageing on your skin.

mackeral fish
mackeral fish

Which fish is the most healthy for us


Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Salmon is low in saturated fats and high in protein. Salmon is rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin D, potassium and iron.

One great way to cook Salmon is using the grill and combining this great fish with green beans and cherry tomatoes. For the full recipe and to read more about the health benefits of eating salmon click here.

Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe
Honey Glazed Salmon fish Recipe

Mahi Mahi

This fish is packed with nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin B and omega 3 fatty acids. It is low in unhealthy fats and high in protein, packed with healthy essential amino acids. There are many great recipes for this fish.

mahi mahi recipe
mahi mahi recipe


This white flaky flesh fish has a mild flavour and is full of protein, B vitamins, and minerals. Cod is low in calories, fat, and carbs, and high in lean protein. Cod is rich in selenium and phosphorus. Cod is often seen as having a higher mercury content than other fish.

One way to cook cod is under the grill, with lemon, garlic and olive oil

cod recipe
.cod recipe


This white fish is packed with nutrients and can be used in many recipes. This lean source of protein has many health benefits for your heart and brain. Herring also has low levels of mercury and is considered to be one of the cleanest fish.

There are many delicious herring recipes to choose from for your healthy weight loss diet.

herring in crispy batter recipe
herring in crispy batter recipe


Mackeral is an oily fish and has one of the highest content of omega 3 fatty acids. Mackeral also has a variety of essential vitamins such as B12 and minerals. Mackeral is a relatively cheap fish, making it affordable to include in your regular healthy diet.

Mackeral has very low levels of mercury, something some people worry about when eating fish regularly.

Mackeral is great for grilling as it remains moist inside with all its essential oils, have a look at our grilled mackeral recipe.

mackeral recipe
mackeral recipe


Tuna has almost no fat and is packed with protein, making it great for weight loss. Tuna is a good source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Tuna is often seen as having a higher mercury content than other fish. Tuna is the most popular canned fish around, but is at its best when eaten fresh.

We have prepared a number of tuna fish healthy recipes for you to choose from.

tuna salad recipe
tuna salad recipe


Perch is also known as red bream, it is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Perch is often seen as having a higher mercury content than other fish. Perch is rich in calcium and phosphorus, and also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Perch is rich in Niacin (vitamin B12) which helps lower bad LDL cholesterol. Perch is also rich in vitamin B3, which is good for fighting diabetes and to reduce blood sugar levels.

perch fillet recipe
perch fillet recipe


Sardines are full of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids. Sardines are also good for your bones, as they contain alot of calcium, which is stored in your bones and teeth.

Sardines help control your blood sugar level, as they are packed with high quality protein and healthy fats, sardines slow down the absorption of sugar into your blood.

Sardines are good for weight loss, apart from being a good source of lean protein, they also reduce your appetite through their high protein and high good fat content.

Sardines are among the least contaminated fish, containing the least amount of metals and toxins. Sardines are rich in selenium which is an anti-oxidant, reducing the effects of free radical damage, ageing and disease. Sardines are also a good source of copper in your diet.

sardines fish recipe


Pollock has soft white meat, it is packed with lean protein, making it great for weight loss. Pollock contains selenium, vitamin B12, and is low in mercury.

pollock fish recipe
pollock fish recipe


Eating a variety of fish regularly will give you a considerable amount of health benefits. Using fish twice a week in replacing red meat, is good for your heart and will give you alot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Omega 3 fatty acids have an important role in your overall optimal health. So enjoy that fish 🙂

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