HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an interval training consisting of a cardiovascular exercise strategy with alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise routines with shorter intense recovery periods, until you’re too tired to continue. It is not restricted to just cardio, as it includes lighting weights for short periods as well.

There is no restricted time for each session. HIIT exercises usually last under thirty minutes because the training routine uses an anaerobic energy system which is concerned with short bursts. However, the time of the training would vary depending on the participant present fitness level and the intensity of the training usually depends on the duration of the training session.

Procedure for HIIT sessions

As stated earlier, HIIT is an Interval training session. There is no specific or restricted formula attached to HIIT. HIIT sessions usually includes a period of body warm up which is then followed by various high intensity exercises separated from each other by lower Intensity exercises aimed at recovery, and then a period of cool down.

The high intensity and lower Intensity workouts should be done at different intensities. It is advisable to do the high intensity exercises at almost maximum intensity and the lower intensity exercises at around 50% intensity. The high intensity exercises usually vary, and the length and number of repetitions also vary from individual to individual. HIIT sessions are formulated depending on how well the individual’s cardiovascular system is developed and adapted to HIIT exercises. The duration of the entire HIIT workout session may span between four minutes to thirty minutes, which also ensures an individual maximizes the workout session limited by time.

HIIT exercising with battle ropes
HIIT exercising with battle ropes

Outdoor HIIT Exercise

Performing any workout outside takes it to a whole different level, and this also goes for HIIT exercises. Exercises can be sometimes boring and so, performing them outside gives it a whole new twist and vibe. You can definitely switch things up and perform your HIIT exercises just outside your home or even in the park.

Here are some outdoor HIIT sessions which you can try out

Lower Body HIIT Sessions

If you are targeting your lower body, then you can perform these exercises. Step outside and start by doing a warm-up to get your muscles fully activated.

Here are some warm up exercises that you can perform to kick-start your session.

  • High knees
  • Grass grabbers
  • Squat to high kick
  • Crabby crawl out
  • After the warm-up, you can proceed to the main workout. You can perform the following.
  • Banded air squats
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Alternating jumping lunges
  • Toe taps

Upper Body HIIT Sessions

When performing an upper body HIIT session outdoors, you can do:

  • Bench dips
  • Static low plank hold
  • Burpees with push up
  • Shoulder tap with push up
HIIT exercising outdoors
HIIT exercising outdoors

Total body HIIT session

If you love to perform a total body HIIT workout, you can also incorporate these exercises.

  • Burpees squat leaps
  • Shuttle runs
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Boat pose oblique
  • Double leg lower
  • Press up
  • Burpees to lateral jump squat
  • Yoga push-ups
  • Push up to twist

These exercises can be repeated as you deem fit, taking into consideration the intensity, time and number of times you are doing each exercise. You should remember however, that HIIT sessions are not meant to be performed for a long period of time.

Outdoor HIIT workouts are suitable for all weather except if it’s raining, so get your mats and go out there to break a sweat.

Indoor HIIT Workout

Even if you’re a fan of outdoor HIIT workout sessions, there are some unavoidable circumstances or periods when you have no choice but to perform your workout indoor or at home.

Indoor workout exercises ensure that you get to perform your workout without excuses even during chilly temperatures, rain or snow. You can also do your workout sessions even when you’re traveling and have no access to your usual workout space.

Also, if you are not really a gym person, you can still break that sweat at the comfort of your home. Cool, right?

Most indoor HIIT workout are super comfortable and do require little or no single equipment.

HIIT exercising at gym
hiit interval training. High intensity interval training group indoors. Group fitness training. Back view.

Here are some indoor HIIT workouts which are sure to get your heart rate up:

  • Hand release push-ups: This exercise entails starting in a push-up position and going down. Thereafter releasing your hand for a second and going all the way up.
  • Russian twist: This exercise targets the core. It is performed by sitting on the floor and twisting from side to side with the feet touching the floor or raised (depending on your strength and adaptability to the exercise).
  • Plank jacks: To do this workout, start in a low plank position and hop your feet wider, ensuring that it is wider than your hip width. Hop back to your starting position.
  • Flutter kicks: This HIIT workout is aimed at core strengthening. To perform this workout, lie on your back, raise your head a little from the floor and keep your legs straight and raised as well. Bring one leg to the air while the other lies parallel to the floor and switch.
  • Burpees: This is a full HIIT body workout. Simply do this by lowering your body into a squat position and then placing your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Then, jump backwards with your feet and lower your body to the floor. Afterwards, bring your feet back to where your hands are and jump. Repeat the exercise.

Other exercises which you can perform include plyo push up, superman, air squats, side lunges, walking lunges, elevated push-ups, V ups, mountain climbers and step-ups.

Before performing any indoor HIIT workout, it is very important that you also warm up your body in preparation for the main exercises.


The decision to perform your HIIT workout indoors or outdoors depends on things like the weather, your preference and the type of exercises to be done. These should be taken into consideration.

While outdoor exercises usually come with a spring of freshness and new vibes, indoor exercises ensure that you can get as comfortable as ever while working out.

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