How did Robbie Williams lose weight?

Robbie Williams now aged 45, is the ex- Take That member and a tremendously, successful solo artist. The Let Me Entertain You singer became obese after he quit Take That in 1995. During the same time he suffered from depression and had a problem with drug addiction.

Robbie Williams’ weight loss now-a-days has stunned many, and he enjoys a much leaner frame in current times. His achievement has been credited to the Weight Watchers Program. Robbie Williams describes his life journey as a “relentless weight battle.” He admits that for most of his life he had battled with weight issues and binge eating, that eventually lead him to drug abuse and depression because of his unhealthy eating habits.

He admits that when Weight Watchers contacted him the first time, he was over the moon. He was not happy about himself and he knew he had to do something before it was too late. Weight Watchers assured him that their program would help him feel good again and that is all he really wanted to hear. All he needed to do was to follow their program, that emphasized a healthier lifestyle, that would help him not only physically but mentally too!

Robbie Williams boxing
Robbie Williams and boxing

Step one: Choose your favourite physical activity

A healthy lifestyle must include physical exercise. Robbie Williams chose to start a boxing program (something he really enjoys,) that proved great for his state of mind too, because of stress released during the exercise. Another sport that helped him shed the pounds was golf. The long walks between holes aided his weight loss.

So how did Robbie Williams achieve his great weight loss?

Robbie Williams revealed that his battle with his weight gain, started when he began using drugs and whilst living alone. Robbie was also a heavy smoker, smoking 2 packets a day. Smoking was a large part of his old lifestyle. He had also attended rehab for drug addiction. It was when he relapsed that the pounds started piling up. His wife and family feared they would lose him, hadn’t he changed his bad habits.

consistency is a must

Robbie explains that the sliming program helped him change his perspective of life. Giving up drugs and smoking had to go hand in hand with improving his lifestyle. He describes this as a very powerful moment in his life and to date he has no regrets.

Robbie Williams weight loss
Robbie Williams weight loss

Being the face of Weight Watchers helped him integrate the slimming program more into his life. In interviews he speaks about the “positive impact” a healthy lifestyle has had on his physical and mental health. He admits that now he is a much happier version of himself and remains a proud ambassador for Weight Watchers.

Robbie Williams admits having done extreme dieting in the past, where he ate very little, such as broth and a few slices of mango. The lack of nutrition inevitably led him to being very emotional and depressed. Yoyo dieting and binge eating had taken over his life and he admits he was not happy at the time. He was either over or underweight and now he is proud to have found the in between. He has been in the Weight Watchers Program for over a year and he knows that consistency is a must. He also states that it’s the best he has ever felt about himself in a very long time.

Robbie Williams feels amazing and he continues to describe how the way he looks and feels as a co-existence. He goes on by saying that the positive impact he is going through is not only physical but mental too. He is now seeing and enjoying life in a more positive way and enjoys food a lot too, knowing that nothing is off-limits after all. He admits that it was not always easy though and one must never give up.

Robbie Williams fit again
Robbie Williams fit again

Robbie Williams’ rapid weight gain was mainly due to a high calorie intake, lack of physical exercise that led to his depression.

Another issue Robbie Williams faced, was missing work during the Covid-19 lockdown. His anxiety levels went on overdrive and comfort food that included a high calorie intake didn’t help. He admitted being morbidly obese by February.

One thing that strikes us about Robbie Williams’ interviews, is his honesty about his past struggles. He has opened up, several times about his personal battles that also included fear and panic attacks, when his dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons back in May. This chapter in his life, together with his back injury later, led him to more struggles with his weight and his mental health. His depression kept getting worse, also because he knew he was letting his loved ones down.

No One Likes A Fat Pop Star

Most of us remember Robbie Williams at the start of his career in the famous pop group, Take That. Then he later moved onto taking his musical career solo. He was also chosen as a judge on The X Factor for one year. It is here that he opened up for the first time and spoke up about his weight problems and why he decided to follow a diet plan.

Robbie Williams boxing training
Robbie Williams boxing training

His physical and mental change over the years, helped him to get back on track. His live performances were once again at top notch level. He was back again, buzzing and full of energy. Robbie has also been able to joke about his weight in the past with a song in his 2013 album called No One Likes A Fat Pop Star.

The Weight Watchers programme was successful because it fitted perfectly with his life. Even his family was elated with the positive change he went through. To help other Weight Watchers Family Members, he also casts motivational talks. Promoting his own successful tips to anyone who wants to build healthy habits. His talks cover anything from eating better, moving more, shifting mindset or all of the above.

What else did Robbie Williams have to reveal about his very successful weight loss program?

During his motivational speeches, the singer and showman, opens up about how his previous relationship with food had affected his mental health. The Weight Watchers’ Family has helped him win his relentless weight battle. The program he was given, focuses on choosing healthy and balanced foods and exercising regularly. Therefore, promoting weight loss by also building healthy habits that lead to also improving his mental health. So, apart from eating better and moving more, his weight loss program also focuses on developing a positive mindset.

Robbie Williams also loves to share glimpses into his healthy lifestyle with his 2.1 million Instagram followers by sharing photos of the healthy meals he loves to eat. He admits salmon is his favourite zero points meal. He also posts photos of himself boxing with his personal trainer in the gym to motivate the Weight Watchers Family and help them reach their targets and feel better together! The journey feels better when you are not alone…

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