Oats and Weight Loss – lets dig in!

Why is Oats good for you when trying to lose weight?

Rich in Manganese

Manganese is an important mineral for overall optimal health. Manganese is important for your bones and for your wound healing process. Manganese is an anti-oxidant, and is also know to speed up your metabolism, something that for weight loss can be very useful.

Oats contains about 40-50% more manganese than the same serving of wheat cereal.

Rich in Protein

Oats are the cereal most rich in quality protein. Oats contain saline soluble globulin, a type of protein which is similar in quality to Soy protein, which in turn is equal to meat, milk, and egg protein according to the World Health Organisation.

Oats also contains avenalin protein (similar to legume protein) which is not found in other cereals.

Rich in B Vitamins

Oats are rich in B1 vitamin thiamine, this vitamin is also found in grains, beans, nuts, and meat.

oats based treats
oats based treats

Rich in Fiber

Whole grains such as oats are rich in beta glucan, a soluble fiber which in turn reduces heartburn, indigestion and food cravings. Reducing Food cravings is important when trying to lose weight to reduce the risk of binge eating.

Fiber also helps with slowing down digestion, increasing your feeling of fullness, and with appetite suppression. These are all important during weight loss.

Rich in Anti-oxidants

Oats is rich in avenanthramides, a type of anti-oxidtants that help protect your heart muscle from oxidative damage. Oats also contain selenium which is an important anti-oxidants and also helps strengthen your immune system, improving your ability to fight bacteria, fungi, viruses and also parasites.

Reduces Cholesterol

Oats are rich in beta glucan content (fiber), which is known to help lower cholesterol. Beta glucans slow the absorption of fats and cholesterol into your blood, thereby reducing the cholesterol you take into your system from the food you eat.

It is widely recommended to take 3 grams of beta glucan per day to reduce the risk of heart disease.  

oats based cookies
oats based cookies

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Also due to the high content of beta glucan in oats, this makes oats an important food when trying to control blood sugar levels.

Small amounts of beta glucans fiber from oats cereal, help Control both glucose and insulin response after eating a meal rich in carbohydrates.

Beta glucans also help improve insulin sensitivity, whcih may delay or prevent type 2 diabetes when beta glucans are part of your regular diet.

Rich in Iron

As a part of hemoglobin protein which is responsible for transporting oxygen in your blood, iron is an essential mineral in the your diet. Oats is a good source of iron.

oats based breakfast
oats based breakfast

Makes you feel full

When trying to lose weight, you dont want to feel hungry or that you are missing out. Oats is a versatile food and can be used in your breakfast, for snacks but also for your lunch and dinner. Feeling full stops you from over eating, therefore the fact that oats ranks so high on the fullness effect of all breakfast foods, makes oats an important food to include in your weight loss diet.

Soluble fiber beta glucan increases your feeling of fullness by delaying the time it takes to empty your stomach after a meal, and thereby promoting the release of the fullness hormones.

Oats are Low in Calories

Oats are low in calories, high in fiber and healthy nutrients, making them a great health food for weight loss.

oats based savoury dish
oats based savoury dish

What does Oats contain?

Half a cup of oats contains 50 grams of carbs, 13 grams of protein, 4-5 grams of fat and about 9 grams of fiber, with just 300 calories.

From a mineral and vitamin perspective, this same half cup of oats contains the following;

  • Phosphorus: 40% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Manganese: 200% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Copper: 25% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Magnesium: 35% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Iron: 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Zinc: 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Folate: 10% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin): 40% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid): 10% of the Recommended Daily Intake
  • Trace amounts of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B3 (niacin)

No wonder oats is considered to be a health food and should be an important part of your every day diet.

oats based snack
oats based snack
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