Outdoor Exercise and Fitness – Losing Weight in Summer


The importance and health benefits of physical fitness cannot be overemphasized. There is no debating it. Exercising regularly and fitness help prevent the occurrence of a lot of illnesses including heart disease. With exercise, you can have an overall improved mood, lessen or cure insomnia, reduce stress and feel totally refreshed and pumped.

As a result of the numerous benefits of exercise, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that adults engage in physical activity of moderate intensity for a minimum of 150 minutes each week.

You do not have to go through a 150-minutes workout at a go, however setting aside a little time from your day workout is a good starting point, especially if you are a beginner. These days, you do not have to go for sessions in a gym before you can get in shape. There are great outdoor exercises and fitness plans which are super easy to follow and are not time consuming. These exercises are very effective and can be more fun when compared to an indoor fitness routine.

Outdoor fitness comprises of various exercises that are performed or carried out outside a building with the aim of improving physical fitness. This does not include exercises performed in a health club or in your home, although the same exercises may be performed. The key word here is OUTDOOR! As such, this workout must be carried out outside. This could be in a park or any other outdoor location of your choice.

Also, outdoor fitness is a trend that has gained popularity over the years.

exercising outdoors
exercising outdoors

Benefits Of Outdoor Fitness Routines

Outdoor exercise routines are highly structured programs that help you get in shape or maintain your current shape by taking advantage of the natural terrain. Outdoor fitness programs are fun and effective.

It can be something as simple as a brisk walk, a jog around the neighborhood or even a light gardening activity or just cleaning out the yard. Though these are some simple and moderate intensity physical activity, you can still engage in other high intensity activities or exercises. With the ever changing environment, your body actually works harder than if you were just in one position.

Here are some benefits of outdoor fitness programs.

It is free

Unlike the gym where you have to pay membership fees, the outdoors is completely free. It belongs to everyone and as such is pocket friendly. While thinking of engaging in outdoor exercises, you do not have to worry about paying a dime since the parks are usually open to all and sundry for free.

Improved mood

Exercising in the open or outdoor is very refreshing. It has a way of bringing better moods to individuals. When exercising outdoors, you have the opportunity of getting that free dose of fresh, clean air.

Lowering one’s blood pressure and stress levels

It is known that physical activity lower one’s blood pressure and can also help reduce your stress levels. Due to the dose of freshness you experience with outdoor exercises, you are pushed to your maximum capacity as the exercises feel less strenuous, compared to if these exercises were performed indoors.

Improves sleep

As earlier stated, while exercising outside, you get to experience that fresh air which can help reduce insomnia. Thus, exercising outside can help you get better sleep for your weight loss plan.


With exercising outdoors, you get to kill two birds with one stone. While getting physically fit, you also get a free daily dose of vitamin D through the sunlight. However, you should also be careful when exercising outside in the sun so as to prevent getting sunburns. To this effect, it is advisable that you always wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun. Also, endeavor to go through your outdoor fitness routines with a bottle of water by your side.

Time saving

If you are someone who always has a busy day, then going to the gym might be much of a hassle for you. Instead of giving up on exercise entirely, outdoor workouts ensures that you get maximum benefits from your workouts within the short time you have to workout.


If you are used to indoor workout routines, then you can try out an outdoor workout session for a change. Leave your gym behind and go out to experience the benefits of engaging in an outdoor fitness routine. This change can also give a boost in your workout capacity as you are getting to try something new, refreshing and exciting.


You can also get to socialize with other people that are also performing outdoor workout routines. Exercising with your friends and family members is also made possible through outdoor workout sessions. This ensures that you break a sweat while having fun and building strong bonds with your loved ones.

crossfit exercise outdoors
crossfit exercise outdoors

Starting An Outdoor Fitness Session In Summer

Just because it is  summer doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on your outdoor fitness exercises.

Before you start exercising outdoors during summer, there are certain things you should know and certain precautions which you must follow to reap it’s full benefits without any regrets.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not exercise outside when the weather is too cold or too hot. When exercising during warmer temperatures, ensure you watch out for palpitations, dizziness, cramping, headaches and nausea. If you notice any of these, it is advisable that you stop your workout session.

Drink water

Before and after exercising, it is highly recommended that you drink enough water so as to prevent getting dehydrated. You must know that even when you exercise in a cool weather, you are still losing water through sweat and therefore, it needs to be replenished.

Take care of your skin

Although the sun is good for you, too much of it is bad for you. When exercising outdoors, ensure that you do not get burned. As earlier stated, always exercise with sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Get good gear

Since you will be exercising outside, it is important that you use the appropriate clothing. You can get breathable clothing.

Exercise early

Exercising early ensures that you get that early dose of fresh air and vitamin D from the morning sun.

fitness crossfit outdoor exercising
fitness crossfit outdoor exercising


With the numerous benefits of outdoor fitness and exercise, you should definitely go out and break that sweat.

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