PhenGold – Diet Pills for Fast Weight Loss

PhenGold is a diet pill that is fast and effective. If you are looking to lose weight fast, PhenGold is packed with natural ingredients that make a powerful weight loss product. PhenGold gives you that edge you need to combine with exercise and a healthy diet, to achieve your weight loss goals.

How does PhenGold work?

PhenGold works in the following ways at the same time, mainly;

  • PhenGold increases your metabolism, supercharging your body to burn your fat and calories. The more you burn calories through the day, the more weight you will lose.
  • PhenGold suppresses your hunger, increasing your body’s natural ability to burn fat reserves. Suppressing your appetite helps you eat less and feel less hungry, causing you to take in less calories and lose more weight.
PhenGold Ingredients
PhenGold Ingredients

Reducing your Appetite

PhenGold is rich in Vitamin B3 (Vitamin B3 or Niacin – reduces inflammation, protects your insulin levels and improves your heart health) and Vitamin B6 (helps your metabolism, reduces inflammation, boosts your feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine) which reduces food cravings and stops hunger pains. Taking in less calories will make you lose weight faster. Combine PhenGold with a healthy diet and exercise, and you will achieve results in a short timeframe.

Increase Metabolism

PhenGold speeds up your metabolism, making you burn more calories throughout the day. Weight loss is often described as the difference between the calories you take in, and the calories you burn, once you have a caloric deficit, weight loss can begin to work. PhenGold helps achieve this caloric deficit by attacking both side of equation.

High Quality Ingredients

PhenGold is rich in fat burning ingredients, proven to make you lose weight fast and effectively.

PhenGold Contains:


500MG GREEN TEA – Packed with caffeine and catechins, the weight loss benefits of green tea extract are highly effective and proven in several diet pills across the world. Green Tea increases the number of calories consumed by your body due the effects of thermogenesis.


250MG L-THEANINE – Theanine helps prevent fat gain by speeding up your metabolism. Theanine is also known for its ability to reduce your stress and anxiety levels reducing the risk of stress induced over eating. Taking L-THEANINE with Caffeine helps in reducing fat gain by regulating glucose, fats or lipids and protein metabolism.


250MG RHODIOLA SP – RHODIOLA is a powerful natural fat burner. Rhodiola helps reduce your mental and physical fatigue, allowing you to burn more fat and calories as you exercise. Rhodiola Rosea root is a strong antioxidant and helps increase the breakdown of fatty tissue when taken in combination with exercise and workouts.


100MG GREEN COFFEE – Green Coffee contains Chlorogenic acid which reduces the amount of fat and glucose your body absorbs from the food you eat. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful substance in Green Coffee but this be lost during the coffee bean roasting process. Therefore you need to take Green Coffee as a Food Supplement to get the Chlorogenic acid.


300MG L-TYROSINE – Tyrosine slows down the consumption of critical neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline, making you feel more focussed and alert. L-Tyrosine is a powerful nootropic, which helps reduce stress levels and helps improve memory and concentration.


200MG CAYENNE PEPPER – Cayenne pepper increases the amount of calories your body consumes and burns by triggering a powerful metabolism boosting effect known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is an important and effective weight loss effect. Cayenne pepper is also an appetite suppressant, making you feel full for longer, helping you eat less and reduce the number of calories taken in.

Other Benefits of PhenGold over other diet pills

PhenGold is a high quality diet pill which is not only highly effective but also contains the following benefits:


How to To Take PhenGold Diet Pills

PhenGold should be taken as three capsules per day, ideally 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast, and ideally Before a exercising. A container of PhenGold contains 90 capsules, which will serve you for 30 days.

Does PhenGold have any side effects?

PhenGold is made of 100% natural ingredients which means it is safe and free from side effects.

How can I buy PhenGold

To buy PhenGold diet pills, you can visit our online shop.

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