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The Industry’s First Metabolism Fueling System That Heightens Thermogenesis Even While You Sleep


They isolated specific ingredients that have shown to work WITH your metabolism according to your different “stress levels” throughout the day, even while you snooze. Your stress levels are managed by your sleep-wake cycle called, “circadian rhythm.” When the sun is up, we’re awake and all of our cylinders are firing. This causes our metabolic rate to rise and use the nutrients we consume as energy. The more energy we require, the more calories we use. The more calories we use, the more likely we are to put our body into what’s called “calorie deficit mode” where our bodies begin to use stored fat cells as fuel. Our daytime system adds more “fuel” to your daytime metabolic fire to heighten your thermogenesis process for improved slimming efforts. Now, when we’re asleep, our metabolism doesn’t function at the same rate as when we’re awake (unless of course you’re one of those rare “sleep runners”). As we snooze, our metabolism slows down and focuses on its Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), such as breathing, digesting, blood circulation, and cellular reproduction. Our nighttime system has ingredients that help decrease your cortisol levels, promote a feeling of calmness, and help curb sugar cravings so you don’t “erase” all of that hard work.

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