Spirulina Powder – 1Kg

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  • QUALITY* Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher, this spirulina is tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microorganisms
  • BENEFITS* Spirulina is high in calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 and iron. Calcium plays a part in many functions of the body, including contributing to normal muscle function, transmission of information via the nervous system, and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, normal muscle function, metabolism, and reducing tiredness and fatigue. Iron contributes to normal transport of oxygen around the body. It also contributes to no
  • USAGE* Spirulina powder can be mixed into a glass of water and consumed as a pure supplement, or blended with fresh fruit into nutritious smoothies. The powder can also be sprinkled over salads and soups to add a powerful dose of protein, vitamins and minerals to your daily diet. We recommend daily portions not exceeding 15g per day. If you are new to spirulina we recommend starting with smaller portions and working your way up to the 15g recommended daily intake.
  • HARVESTING* Spirulina is harvested with a fine mesh-screen that captures the small coiled filaments from the water. It’s then sieved and transferred to a washing pond, before being hand-washed over a mesh-screen, ensuring that only pure spirulina is processed. This wet spirulina is placed in a drying chamber which quickly evaporates all the moisture while preserving nutrient content – leaving the fine green powder which we package for you.
  • HERITAGE* Spirulina has been around for over 2.4 billion years and is widely credited with being one of the first oxygen releasing organisms on earth, so we have a lot to be thankful for. Historically it is thought to have surfaced as a food first, with the Kanem Empire in the 9th century, and then again in the 16th century with the Aztecs. There is no solid evidence of it being commonly used again as a everyday food source until as recently as 1970 ’s when the first large-scale spirulina plant


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