Rebel Wilson weight loss – How Rebel Wilson lost weight

The world-famous Australian actress, producer, writer, and lawyer Rebel Wilson lost over 25 kilos in 2020. Here is how she did it.

Rebel Wilson’s first change started from within, as she publicly announced 2020 to be her year of health. She discussed her weight loss program and the transformation of Fat Amy to Fit Amy (in her own words). 

Rebel Wilson’s characters are usually light-hearted and funny, making it hard for one to take her seriously. Yet she has a strong determined personality and has put a lot of effort throughout her wellness journey and the results she achieved are living proof of her determination. 

So, what were her weight issues? Why did she want to lose weight? What is the Rebel Triangle of Health? 

Rebel Wilson had to modify most of her daily diet, quantify calories for weight loss and after also for weight maintenance. She also introduced daily exercises, however she explains that the hardest battle was to overcome her emotional eating. 

rebel wilson weight loss
rebel wilson weight loss

Why do you need to lose weight to become healthy?

Rebel had been overweight since she was 20 years old. She started to gain weight rapidly in high school and was then diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome.) She was prescribed the pill at the time, but thanks to her current health and fitness routine this is no longer essential. Rebel Wilson always dreamt of living a healthy life, however she never found the time to plan and integrate a healthier routine. This changed during COVID-19 because of all her working restrictions giving her plenty of time because she couldn’t go to work.

Rebel had lost weight in the past but always put is back on. She would binge diet and exercise hard and then stop. This time she was determined to change her whole lifestyle including her mental state (her hardest battle).

Let’s face it, following a planned fitness routine with formulated recipes and exercises can be relatively easy. The hardest part is finding out why one over eats and trying to get through this emotional encounter.

In Rebel Wilson’s case making money by taking parts in movies because she was ‘bigger’ was another mental block. We all loved her comic parts she played as the funny fat girl!

rebel wilson losing weight
rebel wilson losing weight

Progress over perfection

Perfection is not maintainable. Her focus was not on having unbelievable discipline but on balance. She focused on her health from all different areas. Learning along the way what worked best for her.

She started with a medical detox to curb her sugar cravings. She then mentally prepared herself by writing a letter to Fat Amy, explain how she was going to dedicate this year to radically change herself. Her commitment was backed by her regular Instagram posts.

What else did Rebel Wilson do

She blatantly admitted having suffered from emotional eating. She does have a huge sweet tooth! Her weakness? Brownies, ice cream or chocolate. She would often suffer from emotional eating whether that be from happiness, sadness, celebrating, or feeling down.

Her job is extremely stressful and the way she was dealing with fame and pressures of work was by emotionally eating. Emotional eating is related to what’s going on psychologically. This is a disregarded area of weight loss. People most of the time look for a quick fix and aren’t ready to get uncomfortable, identify issues and take constant action to change. 

She went through the very familiar negative cycle when one tries to exercise and work hard. Only to feel tired, binge eat and then feel guilty for not sticking to the plan. This unhealthy cycle continued for twenty years. 

Only a handful of people recognise that weight loss should include also tackling the emotional side of things. Rebel Wilson had to do a lot of work on herself to recognise the unhealthy patterns and behaviours that lead to her gaining weight and being unhealthy. A battle that she still fights today because the old patterns still come up when one is worried or anxious. External circumstances never change it’s our internal self and mindset that do.

rebel wilson
rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson emotionally explains that, “If you’ve struggled with emotional eating and overeating, know that it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person or you should feel bad about yourself or guilty or ashamed. Because everyone has vices. It’s about how you manage it and replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones.”

Therefore, learning to love and respect yourself is an essential part of integrating a healthy lifestyle too!

Properly processing one’s emotions, getting serious about weight loss, together with knowledge of mindful eating are also great ingredients for long term weight maintenance.

So, slow down, take one bite at a time, and really chew to enjoy your food. Never eat in front of the TV! So this is one of side of the Rebel Triangle of Health – Emotions.

Rebel Wilson’s Exercise Plan

She had the best personal trainers (a great source of motivation and accountability) however the majority of her exercise has just been daily walking. Hence consistency is the highlight leading to more energy and productivity.

rebel wilson
rebel wilson

What did Rebel Wilson eat to shed her extra kilos?

Genetics unfortunately do play a part in your weight and health. She had an uphill combat with nutrition because of her PCOS and genetics. However, she manged to lose weight without crazy dieting or very intense exercise.

Exercising does not mean you can eat 3,000-4,000 calories per day. One still has to consider counting calories too and watch their food intake. Therefore, eating processed take-out will not help. Rebel Wilson cut her sugary carb diet and replaced it with high protein including lots of chicken, salmon and vegan protein shakes. Rebel has a saying ‘no food is forbidden.’  So, one can eat potatoes, rice and fruit BUT the focus should be protein. Intake should not exceed 1,500 calories a day until you hit your goal weight. One can then increase subject to their lifestyle without dropping regular work outs.

Fuel your body properly to sustainably lose weight and avoid getting hungry. Aim for a healthy balance and drink 2-3 litres of water a day.

Size Doesn’t Define You, Personality does

Rebel Wilson explains that although she encountered a lot of people who did not want her to change industry wise. Therefore, she had to stay true to herself and stay focused. Hollywood wanted to type-cast her, but she came to the wise conclusion that her health was more important. Today she is extremely proud of herself and creating a lot more balance in her life. Therefore, your goal she suggests is to have a healthy balanced life. This will automatically lead to weight loss.

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