Stay At Home Fitness Training for 2021

How to train, exercise and remain fit during these times? No doubt, the covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot globally, including in our fitness and training routines. Covid-19 protocols and stay-at-home regulations has made many adjust to live and train indoors. One of the many adjustments has had to to with staying off the gym and finding new ways to exercise and train for fitness. A lot of people have gone online to follow up their exercise routine with online exercise and training programs and using indoor body trainers to stay healthy and fit.

While there are many unique body trainers, there are lots of fake ones too. As a result, we have decided to do extensive research to show you the best stay-at-home body training and exercise to keep you fit while you are at home.

In this article, two fitness and training products are being tested and reviewed, in terms of price, rating, shipping policy, return policy and other features, to guide you on which fitness products to choose.

We are looking at cycling from the comfort of your home, using high tech equipment to give you as good as a ride as possible from your home. Keeping you fit and strong through exercise during the covid pandemic.

burning dumb bells to exercise and stay fit

Flux S Smart Trainer

Ever thought of hooking up your bike to a smart trainer, and cycling down the world’s most popular bike rides, all from the comfort of your home, and using your own bicycle without having to buy big equipment that will sit in your home and take up alot of space. With the Flux S Smart Trainer you can do this and more. Your Fitness, exercise and training gadget, getting you ready to ride out the covid pandemic.

  • Purchase link: Flux S Smart Trainer
  • Rating: 5 star
  • Price: £549.00
  • Shipping:
  • All orders over £30 are eligible for free delivery in the UK
  • Free delivery on all orders over £150 or £7.99 on orders under £150 in EU countries
  • Free delivery on all orders over £150 or £9.99 on orders under £150 outside EU.
  • Return policy:  30-day full refund policy on the condition that the product is returned in its original state before it was purchased.
  • Payment method: Credit or debit card, AMEX, PayPal, Amazon Pay, DEKO 0% Finance
tacx-flux-s-smart-trainer - fitness, training and exercise

Looking for a home turbo trainer to give you that perfect stability and intensity during rides, then this Flux S Smart Trainer is your best bet. The Tacx Flut S Smart Trainer is an excellent home turbo trainer, fully equipped and designed to give you the most realistic and intensive fitness ride. This amazing direct drive home turbo trainer has been designed carefully by top experts and offers connection to well known training applications, giving your ride a wonderful experience.  

This excellent turbo trainer boasts of a quiet, huge flywheel to keep you on the go with your ride. Additionally, it has a progressive power curve and a maximum power resistance of 1500 watts. These amazing features make your riding worthwhile even when used without a software. Customers who have used this product have testified to the excellence of this product. Other benefits of the Tacx Flux S Smart turbo trainer are:

  • It offers a strong, dependable and intense drive while riding.
  • It has topnotch stand alone smart electronics which progressively increases the power of the turbo trainer while you ride.
  • It has a huge footprint which offers a high stability during sessions of intense training.
  • Its quiet flywheel means you won’t be distracted while on your ride.
  • It is not just strong, but reliable and accurate as well.
  • It has a maximum  incline stimulation of 10%
  • Measures your power output as you ride. Measurement accuracy is within 3%.
  • Has a sprint resistance of up to 1500 watts.
  • Fits Shimano and Sram 8 – 11 speed cassettes (Campagnolo body sold separately)
  • Partners with well known training apps such as Zwift and Tacx
tacx-flux-s-smart-trainer-with bike - fitness, training and exercise
tacx-flux-s-smart-trainer-with bike

Émonda Sl 6 Disc Pro

An ultra light high performance bicycle, to use either outdoors or with the Flux S Smart Trainer at home. If you are looking for performance and light weight – look no further.

  • Purchase link: Émonda Sl Disc Pro
  • Rating: 5 star
  • Price: £3,799.99
  • Shipping
  • 4-8 days for standard shipping on accessories&
  • 2-5 days for click and collect on accessories
  • 5-9 days for click & collect and retailer home delivery bike orders
  • Free delivery for orders over £40
Émonda Sl 6 Disc Pro - fitness, training and exercise
Émonda Sl 6 Disc Pro

Return Policy: 30-day full refund policy provided product is returned in its original condition

  • Payment method: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and Maestro.

If you’re seeking to get an excellent performance on high speed group rides and races, then the Émonda Sl 6 Disc PrO by Trek Bikes is all you’ve been looking for. This might take some bucks out of your pocket but if you really need that free speed of an aerodynamic frame, then you’ve got to quit making upgrades to carbon wheels down the line and, get the full package of this product.

Émonda SL 6 Disc Pro, the first of its kind, is a carbon road bike which offers you lightweight carbon wheels that matches your lightweight frame. If you’re a roadie and a high speed lover, this product’s aerotube shaping, disc brakes and high-performance drive train have been designed specifically for you.

What’s amazing about this bike is that it pairs a high-end drive train with a super fast aero frame. The drive train have got really nice carbon wheels. This amazing pairing has made it the best choice for fast riders. This upgrade supports various rides ranging from sprints on your local roads to expert stage races and riding competitions such as hill climbing.

Excellent reviews from customers who have used this product goes to show how excellent it is. For many users, there have been no turning back after using this product.

Unique features of this product include:

  • A perfect pairing of lightweight parts which match the lightweight frame. This amazing upgrade makes it suitable for fast fitness rides.
  • This pro version has an aerodynamic tube shaping, further adding to the speed of the Èmonda SL Pro. This upgrade makes this version the fastest ever Èmonda SL product ever.
  • With its standard hydraulic breaks, you have a strong stopping power on the bike and a strong control over it even in the toughest weather and on the roughest road.
  • One of the few products that has a lifetime warranty.
  • Built to be the lightest and fastest exercise machine.
  • Offers free repairs for damaged carbon. If your Bontrager carbon wheels are damaged, they’ll repair them for free for you. However, this free repair is only for the first two years of ownership.


Though there are still other body trainers and exercise tools out there to help your training and fitness, these are the top 2 body trainers we have come up with. The choice is yours to make now. After reading through, it should now be easy for you to choose your best product. If however, there are other details we might have missed, a quick Google search can do a nice fix for you. If you haven’t been exercising due to covid restrictions, you should get a body trainer and start training today. Stay fit through exercise and stay winning.

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