Creamy and Juicy Lemon Chicken

Healthy low calorie lemon chicken chicken

Calories Per 100g242 Calories YieldServes 4 Total Cooking Time1hr 25min Ingredients 4 Boneless Chicken Thighs2 LemonsLemon Pepper4 Garlic Cloves Crushed1 Chicken Cube100ml Water2 ...

Maltese Egg Muffins

Maltese Egg Muffins

Calories Per Muffin96 calories Yield8 Servings Total Cooking Time0 Hours 30 minutes I’m sure you heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This is ...

Versatile Hummus

Versatile Hummus

Calories Per 100g171 calories Yield1 Medium Bowl Total Cooking Time0 Hours 15 minutes Something about Chickpeas Chickpeas are a healthy plant based food (a type of legume), they ...

Mediterranean Baked Sea Bream

Baked Fish

Calories Per 100g Serving134 calories Yield2 Servings Total Cooking Time0 Hours 45 minutes Tell me what do you picture when thinking about Mediterranean? Sunny warm weather, fresh ...

Local Butternut Squash Soup

pumpkin soup

Calories Per 100g Serving76 calories Yield4 Servings Total Cooking Time1 Hours 10 minutes Nothing says winter better then a warm creamy butternut squash soup.  This soup is ...

Fresh Local Pea Soup

pea soup

Calories Per 100g Serving64 calories Yield4 Servings Total Cooking Time0 Hours 40minutes Fresh pea soup is definitely one of my favorite soups.  I love doing this soup all ...

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