The Ideal Fitness Journey

The fact that we need to keep a healthy weight to keep fit is a general knowledge to everybody. The question that then comes to mind is; why aren’t more people participating in weight loss programs? Are they simply uninterested in getting healthy? Or they just don’t care about their health and how they look? Of course these are not the reasons. Everybody dreams of being fit and healthy, but not everybody understands how to go about it. This is the purpose of this article. It is designed to give you the information necessary to channel your energy towards the right activities that will help you lose fat efficiently, and without much stress.

The ideal fitness journey is composed of several components, each of which rely on the other to be fully effective. The major components are diet restriction and adequate exercise. Your weight loss regimen cannot work well unless you consume a healthy diet ae well as keep active.  For instance, imagine Mr. Q wants to lose weight and then decides to start exercising for 2 hours every morning. After exercising, he feels tired and exhausted, and then takes a bottle of soda and one giant hamburger. If he continues this way for 1 year, he would have wasted all his effort because the little fat he burns while working-out will immediately be replaced with all the fatty foods he consumes. This goes to show that diet and exercise are the two major factors that make weight loss successful.


The first thing to do when starting your journey towards becoming fit and healthy is to have a defined target. You should understand that you are not only doing it to lose weight, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Set a reasonable target for yourself. Give yourself time by setting achievable milestones.

Secondly, try to partner up with friends that have the same weight loss vision as yours. This will make the process more achievable and it will help you stay motivated.


It was said earlier that for a weight loss or fitness regimen to be effective, attention needs to be paid to each and every of its component. The two main components of an ideal weight loss regimen includes diet restriction and regular exercise. These two should go hand-in-hand.


Diet restriction is all about calories. It focuses on reducing the number of calories you consume daily. This is the most important aspect of any program which has been designed to make you lose fat. Diet restriction alone has been found to be effective in weight loss (although weight loss is slow when this is done alone).

Diet control can be of two types depending on your desired goal, which can be simple weight loss, or weight loss with increased muscle mass. When your only interest is to lose fat, your diet should contain more of fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates should be consumed in low amounts because the excess calories from carbohydrates are converted to fat and stored in the body. A high protein diet is more important for people who want to lose fat and also increase their muscle mass. Protein’s amino acid is one of the raw materials for muscle building. Fats on the other hand should be avoided by all means. They contain, by far, high amounts of calories. Restrict the fat you take to the mono-unsaturated fatty acids and the poly-unsaturated fatty acids. These can be found in avocado, olives, flaxseed, canola oil, clean salmon and macadamia oil. The major fats to avoid are the trans-unsaturated fats. They are artificially produced and are detrimental to healthy living.

Another thing to take note of while on your fitness journey are carbonated drinks. A lot of people take them because they serve as a quick source of energy and sugar. The excess sugar in carbonated drinks can cause diabetes both in older people, and also in younger people with family history of early onset of diabetes. Because sugar contains more calories than the body can use at a time, the excess is converted to body fat.

Due of the reasons mentioned above, a lot of people have decided to cut their intake of carbonated drinks. This has led to the innovation of a new line of product tagged as “diet drinks”. These drinks do not contain sugar, and have very low amount of calories. However, to give it a sweet taste, artificial sweeteners such as saccharine are used to replace sugar. The disadvantage to this is that most of these sweeteners are carcinogenic and utterly unhealthy.

All in all, every fitness journey should begin with a regulating your diet. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and other high fiber diets. Maintain good hydration by taking plenty of water instead of processed drinks. An adult is expected to drink an average of 3 liters of water daily.


Regular workouts are another important part of an ideal fitness journey. Exercise is said to be regular when you have a planned workout routine, and you follow it through. Ensuring that daily exercise is a constant part of your schedule is the most important.

Deciding on what particular type of exercise you engage in totally depends on your goal. If all you want to do is to lose weight, then you can adopt any workout practice that doesn’t involve weight lifting. This can be jogging, running, sit-ups, or any other form as long as you find it comfortable.

However if you want a workout practice that will help with muscle building and also help you lose fat, then you can consider light weight lifting in conjunction with a high protein diet which has low calories. Weight lifting, however, should be done with caution. Lifting of weights that are too heavy can be detrimental to your health. Heavy weight lifting has been shown to cause vascular injury and in some cases, internal bleeding.

Some people might consider their schedule tight, and there will seem to be no allowance for regular exercise in such schedule. So what do you do to loss excess calories if you fall into this category of people? The solution is to take every opportunity that presents itself; at home or at work. Whenever you are at work, use the stairs instead of the elevator. You will be surprised with the rate at which you will lose fat just by going up and down several flights of stairs daily. At home, if you want to get some things from a neighborhood store, try walking there instead of driving. These activities will no doubt contribute tremendously to your fitness journey.

It can be concluded that to lose fat, maintain a healthy weight, and live a healthy life is not all that complicated after all. Eat fruits and vegetables, drink adequate amount of water, and shun foods with excess fat. As simple as this might sounds, it still remains news to a lot of people. Ultimately loosing weight and keeping healthy is a choice, a choice only each individual can make for themselves. The feel-good factor that comes with being healthy is priceless and that should be the main GOAL!

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