The Soup Diet – Will It Make You Lose Weight?

The Soup Diet is made up of several different low-calorie vegetable based soups for 7 consecutive days, helping you lose weight in as short amount of time.

The main concept is to eat a large amount of vegetables, which make you feel full quickly, and are full of nutrients and very low in calories (often only up to 300 calories per portion), for 7 days in a row.  

Some people might prefer adding 1 portion of solid food with each soup, such as a grilled chicken breast, a portion of beans or a portion of grilled vegetables. This is because eating soups (all day, every day, for 7 days in a row) only is very restrictive and is not recommended.

Generally adding soups to your weight-loss plan is a good move, apart from consuming very little calories, you are taking in a lot of nutrients and fiber.  

There are many types of soup you can make, have a look at our Local Butternut Squash Soup recipe, or our Fresh Local Pea Soup, for more ideas.

If you don’t usually eat a lot of vegetables, adding soups to your weight loss diet can be a very good move. When eating soups you end up taking in a lot of vegetables in one meal. It is recommended that we take in at least 5 portions of vegetables per day, and soup will help you achieve this goal very easily.

Furthermore plant-based meals are healthy, especially for preventing heart disease.   

Foods to Avoid whilst on the Soup Diet

Whilst on a Soup Diet we need to avoid these foods;

  1. Cream or Cheese in your soup is not allowed
  2. Pasta, white rice and bread should be avoided
  3. Avoid adding potatoes to your soups
  4. Avoid canned soups, they may be full of salt
  5. Avoid dairy products
  6. Keep away from Sweets, cakes and desserts
  7. Avoid Processed foods
  8. Avoid adding Fatty meats like beef or processed cuts to your soups

How much weight can you lose with the Soup Diet?

Soups can be very effective for weight loss. Soups are packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins. Soups make you feel full and satisfied a lot quicker. Soups are full of water, allowing you to take in a good portion size without taking in many calories. That volume gives you a feeling of fullness, something we often look for when on a diet.

A soup diet for 7 days in a row, when carried out properly can help you lose around 2-3 kilos in just 1 week, and purely through a dietary change. This weight loss however is more likely to be water weight loss, and not fat weight loss. This is because when you shift to a very low calorie diet for 7 days your body will start to break down glycogen in your muscles for energy, instead of your fat reserves. When breaking down the glycogen, you lose water weight, as glycogen is stored in water.

Therefore once the soup diet is finished, you can expect to see those kilos to come back, as the water is regained and the weight restored.

pea soup
Summer soup with green fresh pea shoots

Is it healthy to eat soup for 7 days in a row?

Eating soup is healthy. However eating only soup for 7 days is not the best option. The critical point here is that we should enjoy soups as part of our balanced diet, instead of eating only soup. To lose weight effectively and for the long term, start including soup in your regular diet. Having a vegetable soup meal once a day instead of your regular dinner is a very good start for a weight loss plan, keeping your breakfast and lunch based on healthy and fresh solid food.

“Enjoy soups as part of our balanced diet, instead of eating only soup”

Soups generally have very low calories, therefore taking only soups for 7 days will mean your body won’t have enough calories to keep you going. You might start feeling weak and have low energy levels. This is not healthy as your body starts burning muscle tissue for energy. Losing muscle tissue tends to slow down your metabolism. This will make it harder to lose weight.

A balanced diet is very important for your health, and soup can be part of this balanced diet, together with fruits and lean meat.

Drawbacks of the Soup Diet

It’s a short term fix

Low calorie intake for 7 days is not the best option, it can affect your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight

Not long-lasting

Losing water weight is not the best solution, the weight would pile back up quickly as soon as the soup diet is over.

Its not a balanced diet

Soup only meals are not going to give you all the nutrients your body needs, after a few days you will start feeling hungry and tired.

Makes you feel like you are missing something

Eating only soup will make you feel like you are missing out on your basic meals, increasing the risk that you binge eat and stray away from your healthy habits

Not good if you are exercising

When you are physically active you need a certain amount of calories each day. Therefore the soup diet will not help you keep to your exercise routine as you will feel tired and without energy.

How to Soup Diet Correctly

Take Soups as part of your balanced diet

Take soup once a day, instead of having soup replace all of your meals in one day

Don’t exceed 7 consecutive days

If taking soup 3 times a day, do not exceed 7 consecutive days on this diet


Try different soups each day to keep it interesting

Important ingredients to add to your Soup Diet

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Lentils
  • Onions

Focus on Long term Weight Loss

While Soups are good for you, you should not limit yourself to consuming Only soups. To Achieve long term weight loss you need to have a balance healthy diet, lead an active lifestyle and take on board some healthy habits.

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