Top 10 Foods to Fight Off Viruses

Viruses are the most common pathogens that infect humans, when compared to bacteria, fungi and others. That does not mean we need to run to the pharmacy and pack ourselves up with medicines, there are a lot of virus-killing foods and very powerful herbs already in your same kitchen.

Boosting your Immune system is very important to make sure your body has all it needs to fight off viruses. The Top 10 Foods to Fight off Viruses include:


Garlic is packed with strong antiviral properties containing;

  1. allicin
  2. diallyl trisulfide
  3. ajoene

When taken daily, these help fight Influenza, the common cold and pneumonia. Taking Garlic regularly will also reduce the time it takes for your body to fight off a viral infection.

Garlic can be added to a tomato sauce and added to so many kinds of dishes such as Lemon Chicken.


An Indian herb which is also referred to as Holy Basil, with a long list of therapeutic properties. It is anti-microbial, so it can be used as a handwash, mouthwash and to purifier water. Tulsi is also an anti-viral and helps strengthen the immune system.

We can take Tulsi as a tea or as a food supplement tablet.

Shiitake Mushrooms

In the cap of this mushroom, there are strong anti-viral properties that can inhibit viruses and can help your immune system function better.

These mushrooms can be added to your favourite soup for instance.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil contains monolaurin and lauric acid, which are very effective at attacking pathogens that could harm us.

Coconut Oil can be used instead of your normal cooking oil and can be used for baking and for making sweets.

Star Anise

This is a star shaped spice containing many healthy properties. Star Anise contains shikimic acid, a powerful anti-viral which is also the active ingredient in Tamiflu, an influenza medication.

Use Star Anise in stews and to marinade chicken.


Ginger is highly effective in resolving digestive system related issues, however it is also a powerful anti-viral (also with anti-influenza properties) and anti-inflammatory agent. It helps increase the amount of beneficial antioxidants in our body. Viruses often cause inflammation in our bodies, therefore taking Ginger will reduce the inflammatory effects and help you recover faster.    

Ginger can be use raw, dried or cooked, or can be taken as a tea also.


A strong anti-viral herb which also is known to help digestion. Peppermint contains;

  1. Menthol
  2. Rosmarinic acid

Peppermint is also a great anti-inflammatory, which can be taken as a tea, as a food supplement table, or inhaled using essential oils and a diffuser.


Often associated with candy, Licorice root is an ancient remedy against many illnesses. Licorice is a strong anti-viral, containing;

  1. Liquiritigenin
  2. Glycyrrhizin
  3. Glabridin

Licorice can also be taken as a tea or as a food supplement tablet.


This Herb of the Mediterranean cooking contains anti-viral compounds such as Carvacrol.

Oregano can be used in many dishes such as chicken or pasta sauces.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil contains Oleuropein, which is an anti-viral compound. Oleuropein helps slow down virus replication, giving your body a helping hand in its fight against the virus.

Olive Oil is best taken raw, drizzled on roasted vegetables or salads.


Introducing these foods to your daily diet will help you become more healthy and will strengthen your immune system in a Natural way. They also taste great and give your dish a depth in taste that will encourage to use these more and more in your daily diet.

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