Top 5 Fitness APPs for 2020

Which are the Top Fitness APPs to help you lose weight? Fitness and wellness have always been a topic of interest for many years now. Keeping fit and staying healthy is a priority for most people. It does not matter the social class, the culture, or the religion, fitness is a thing that everybody is into these days.

Understanding why fitness is a unifying language isn’t far-fetched. We are all interested in staying healthy and preventing diseases like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, which can all be prevented with a good diet and regular exercise. Since fitness goes a long way in preventing these diseases it makes everybody want to know more.

Deciding to work-out is one thing; doing it right and being consistent is another. A good way by which people overcome this hurdle is by joining fitness centers and gyms. While some opt for gym centers, others download fitness apps for motivation and guidance.

fitness is a thing that everybody is into these days

Fitness APPs coach, track, and motivate fitness enthusiasts. Getting one is the first step towards attaining a healthy lifestyle. Some apps contain a complete weight loss regimen with a full diet plan. These apps ensure that you don’t have to be in a gym to reap the full benefits of an effective work-out. You can lose fat and live healthy by following the instructions on the app.

So which are the best APPs that will turn your phone into a personal trainer? No matter what your goals are, you will get the right app for it. The top 5 fitness APPs that can help you achieve your goals will be reviewed below.

meal plan from app
Using a Fitness Tracker APP can help you lose weight

Peloton – at home fitness

With this app, you can bring the gym right into your living room. Peloton is compatible with both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded freely on any of the app stores and it comes with a 30 days free trial! The trial allows you to enjoy the coaching, motivations, and work-out routines for free.

The app has a Tag feature that enables users to take part in group work-out sessions. The feature allows users to motivate each other. It also has guidelines for cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength exercise.

After the expiration of your 30 days free trial, the platform offers a monthly subscription of $12.99 to its users.


Keelo provides a wide range of services in conjunction with providing great work-out plans. It is an app that runs on Android and iOS. Its services are offered at $12.99 per month, $30.99 per quarter, and $93.99 per year. It also offers some free work-out plans and a 2 weeks free trial.

Keelo is a high-intensity interval app that has a special heart rate monitor feature. The feature enables you to connect a heart rate monitor to help keep track of your heart rate as you work-out.

Its work-out plans are more suited for use in a gym where there is fitness equipment. The app’s work-out catalog offers exercises of different intensity, depending on your capability and your fitness goals.

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is the best exercise tracking app available on app stores today. It is well structured to help people (especially those new to fitness) keep track of their fitness routine.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS. Some of its features are free to all users while other features are only available on the MVP membership. The monthly membership goes for $5 while yearly membership goes for $29.99.

The app records every task you do. It is launched anytime the user wants to start a task or a work-out session.  The specific task is chosen and the app records the duration and the number of calories burned. There is an option to input activities manually if you forget to launch the app before starting.

More advanced features such as heart rate monitor and cadence are available on the app’s MVP membership.

Nike Training Club [FREE]

Nike Training Club is also available on Android and iOS. It is an exquisite fitness partner created with a vast work-out library. The library contains dozens of work-out patterns that are aimed at different regions of the body.

Each group of work-out is designed with varying lengths, from 15 to 45 minutes daily depending on your schedule. They also vary in intensity depending on your fitness aim. Whether you want to lose fat or build muscles, Nike Training Club has the best package for you.

This app offers programs with unique work-out formats and nutritional guide for users interested in more.

FitOn [FREE]

FItOn is another free app for Android and iOS users who are looking for an amazing fitness guide. The app runs a Netflix-like service that provides work-out videos and video classes for exercise instructions.

The app was initially a paid platform for users. However, it is now free as all its work-out library is accessible to all users.

Its work-out guides and classes have both video and voice instructions. Some classes on FitOn are carried out by popular fitness trainers such as Katie Dunlop and Cassey Ho.

Exercise Apps
Online yoga sessions are becoming popular

Similarities between the APPS

All the fitness apps share the same vision, which is to help the user lose weight, stay healthy, and attain any other fitness goal they have.

They are all available for both Android and iOS users. This ensures that everyone will access the app regardless of the device they use.

They all have features that are free to all users. These features are accessible to everyone even without paying for membership.

Differences between the APPS

Each of these apps has a unique feature. These features will be examined one after the other below.


While some are free, others have special features that are only accessible to premium users. Nike Training Club and FitOn provide free to all services to all their users. There are tens of fitness routines, weight loss plans, work-out procedures, and dietary plans available for members to use.

Peloton, Keelo, and Map My Fitness provide premium services that enable users to attain their fitness goals easily and faster. From the monitoring of heart rate to providing premium coaching services, these apps have proven to be worth every dollar spent on them.

Features Offered

Keelo and Map My Fitness provide similar services while Peloton, Nike Training Club, and FitOn provide similar features.

Keelo and Map My Fitness are majorly tracking apps. They are more suited for people who are busy and don’t have a dedicated time for work-out. They can help track exercise-like activities such as walking and climbing stairs.

Peloton, Nike Training Club, and FitOn are designed for proper work-out activities. They provide exercise of different intensity depending on the users’ ability and their desired goal. These apps can be used at gyms or home.

Heart rate monitoring is a feature provided by Keelo and May My Fitness.


The choice of app to use is your decision. This article has put the top 5 apps together based on what they offer and users’ ratings. Whichever you choose will go a long way in making you achieve your weight loss goals. Your choice will be determined by;

–          How much time you have for your work-out.

–          If what you want is a free service, or a paid one.

–          Whether you want work-out plans that are more suited for gyms, or the work-out plans that are more suited for home sessions.

–          Whether you want video instructions.

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