Weight loss and Motivation

In the beginning it is fairly easy to have high levels of motivation when you are just starting off on weight loss plan, waking up at 5:30AM to go jogging, preparing your healthy lunch of broccoli with rice to take with you to work, juicing up a box full of raw vegetables and fruit. Then a few weeks later, you start struggling to keep this up, and the old habits start tempting you once again and those morning jog start beginning less and less frequent. This is the motivation fading away, stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals to become healthy and to burn that fat.

But do not worry as this is very common, and we have listed here what you should do to bring that motivation back in no time and getting you back on track to lose that weight. So here is what you need to do:

Keep your goals handy – visit them regularly

 Go back and remember the reasons why you started this weight loss journey, what motivated you to get started. List these reasons down and read them out loudly and regularly. Remembering why you started will help you keep in mind what you wanted to achieve, and why you wanted to achieve these things.

Your Goals should be split between long term and short term. Keep your short goals in hand, break up the target into many small steps, and work on each step one by one. Before you know it, you would have reached your next milestone and you would be one step closer to reaching your goal. For example, you might want to lose 10kg of weight, focus on losing 1 kg every 2 weeks, and keep focusing on that target every day. The 10kg target might be too big of a goal to manage, but 1 kg every 2 weeks if a lot more manageable. Your short term goals will lead you to achieving your long term target.

If you going for a jog unwillingly that morning, or are struggling to run the full distance, start by walking, then run, stop and stretch and then walk again, breaking up the routine into manageable tasks. Enjoy your surroundings, especially if you are in a beautiful park or near the sea, move your focus on your surroundings and enjoy every moment of it. If you do this 2 or 3 times a week you will be running the full distance in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Weigh yourself regularly

Studies show clearly that people who weigh themselves regularly whilst on a weight loss plan, tend to lose more weight and to keep the weight loss in the long term. Weighing yourself keeps you accountable to your goals, it reminds you that you are working towards a target.

Be aware of other changes that are occurring to your lifestyle during your weight loss plan, thing such as;

  1. sleeping better
  2. feeling more confident
  3. having more energy
  4. managing your stress and anxiety levels better
  5. improving your overall emotional health

Burning fat and building muscle might not always lead to weight loss, as muscle is heavier than fat, however you will start to see noticeable differences in your body and you will start to feel stronger and more energetic as you exercise more.

Get Inspired

Follow other people that have been through a weight loss plan and have succeeded. Studies show that if you psych yourself up with music or by watching a training video before a strength training, you can increase muscle power significantly. If you follow people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle, you will start to pick up on their good habits, some will rub off onto you without too much effort. Surround yourself with inspiration so on the difficult days, when you don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy, you might find that extra help you need to remain on track through this inspiration.

Diversify and be Creative

Introduce new activities to keep active, instead of jogging or walking all the time, join an aerobics class once a week, or play a game of tennis with a friend, instead of walking that day. Install a punching bag in your garage, and do a boxing cardio workout using a youtube video as a guide. Punching bag workouts can give you the same workout as a jog in half the time, and can be very fun indeed. Buy a skipping rope and feel that burn, go through an online workout using this skipping rope and enjoy exercising in different ways, even to keep you body challenged and your mind in gear.  

Online streaming workouts can be great, and can also be free. You can do them in your own time  or join a live streaming with other people. Exercising at home requires some planning, you may need to move a coffee table to the side and you may need to change the room lighting, as lighting is important to get your energy levels up whilst exercising.

  • Don’t feel like exercising – do just 12 minutes and keep on track

After a long day at work, there will be days were training is just not something you want to do at first thought. Being mentally tired can be very challenging. However training and becoming physically tired will help you overcome your mental tiredness – it really does work! The first few minutes of exercising are generally the most difficult, therefore committing to just a short time of training might be enough to the you to do the full workout, as you feel better once you warm up. Exercising will improve your mental tiredness and will help you keep your stress levels at work under control.

  • Hire a personal trainer or dietitian

A personal trainer or dietitian can help you improve on your exercising and habits. They can give you good advice and help you achieve your goals. They can help you feel accountable to your goals, which can be very motivating.

SMART goals

Your goals should be:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely

Always make sure that your goals fulfil all of these criteria, and you will find it easier to keep yourself motivated whilst on your weight loss journey.

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