Which diet plan is good for you?

With so many diet plans available out there, how do you decide which diet is good for you? Are you after a super fast highly restrictive diet, or a diet that you can keep for the long term, one that fits your daily lifestyle and which can improve your health and well being. Below is an overview of some of the diet plans available out there.

The Paleo Diet

Eating like a caveman some call this, but essentially this diet goes back to our ancestry and original life style thousands of years ago. Avoiding bad carbs seems to be a common starting point for many diets, bad carbs such as processed sugars and saturated fats. Eating unprocessed and whole foods is healthy, and will help you lose weight.

One can take many good points from the Paleo Diet and should definitely consider reading more about this.

The Flexitarian Diet

Plant based diet focusing on avoiding meat and animal based products. This is not the vegan or vegetarian diet, it is more flexible, hence the name. This is more of a lifestyle than a diet and is something one takes up for the long term.

A focus on eating plant based proteins rather than animal based protein. Eating lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Limiting processed foods and refined sugars appears in this diet too in a prominent manner. Choosing health and fresh over processed and artificial foods. These choices will not only help you lose weight but will also be good for your health in the long term and will make you feel alot better.

Read more about the Flexitarian diet as there are many good things to take up from here.

The Fruitarian Diet

The Fruitarian Diet is not an easy one, it is vegan and very restrictive. This generally goes from 50% to 90% fruit only diet, which will take some serious commitment and lifestyle changes, but the benefits can be very material. The Fruitarian Diet is a type of raw food diet, and there are many studies pointing to the benefits of eating raw foods.

Apart from fruit, one can eat nuts and seeds as these are part of the plant. Also one can eat leafy vegetables and wheat, oats, bulgur and quinoa.

One can see this Fruitarian diet as a form of cleansing diet, for say 2 weeks at a time, and going from 50-90% fruit only during this period to cleanse your system from toxins.

One could try this diet for say 3 to 5 days in a row, and see the effects it has on your well being. You could have some big food cravings which need to be managed and planned ahead by preparing foods for all the day from the morning, so you do not allow yourself to get hungry and fall off the wagon. In fact food quantity is the one thing that is not restricted, so you can eat all the allowed foods all day long.


Losing weight should be carried out on a long term and health conscious basis, it should not be a sprint but more of a marathon. You should aim to lose weight and be healthy for the long term. Therefore there are many things to consider and many changes to put into place, to ensure you succeed in your weight loss goal.

At SubtractKilos, we consider meal plans, diet plans, health related topics, exercise plans and many other things, as these are all important to help achieve sustainable weight loss and healthy well being for the long term.

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