Which Herbal Weight Loss Supplement Is The Best?

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a topic which has been discussed and researched for decades. This is due to no other reason than the fact that you need to keep your weight in check to be fit and to stay healthy. Over time we have heard about different diets, new weight loss plans and every other fad diet available on the market. These methods have always involved the reduction of food intake, and promoted regular exercise. Along the way, new supplements and weight loss products have found their way on our shelves.

It was discovered that some chemical compounds which are found in plants have the unique ability to make you lose fat quickly. When these products are used together with diet control and exercise, the result is always astonishing. A lot of success has been achieved in that regard, and many different weight loss products are on the market today.

This article will look into three different products available on the market today. They will be compared based on; composition of the product, how they work and what makes it better than the other. Let us introduce you to these three products.


This product is nicknamed “the fat breaking machine”. This is because of the feedback received from users, which are testimony of the  efficacy of the product. FORSKOLIN250 is a herbal product composed from the Coleus forskohlii plant. This plant has been used for many centuries for its healing properties in the management of asthmatic and hypertensive patients. Discovery of its weight loss property was rather accidental, but ever since then, it has played a major role in weight loss.

How does it work?

FORSKOLIN250 contains Forskolin as its active ingredient. It contains 250mg of Forskolin (which is extracted from the root of Coleus forskohlii), magnesium stearate, and brown rice flour.

Forskolin facilitates the breakdown of fat which has been stored in the body by stimulating excess production of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate). cAMP is a molecule which in turn facilitates the secretion of an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). HSL acts on fat stores to cause its depletion and ultimately makes the body lose fat. Forskolin also regulates metabolism by increasing thyroid function. The increased metabolism will discourage further storage of fat in the body. FORSKOLIN250, therefore, has a double-action property by facilitating the body to lose fat and preventing further fat build-up.

How much does it cost?

One bottle of FORSKOLIN250 cost $44.99. This is discounted as buying 2 bottles qualifies the buyer to get one free, and buying 3 bottles qualifies the buyer to get 3 more bottles for free.


PHEN24 is a unique product that was designed to solve the problem of reduced metabolic activity during sleep. The faster the metabolism in the body, the more energy the body will need, and hence more fat storage will be broken down. This eventually leads to weight loss. At night during sleep, the body’s metabolic rate is at the lowest.

How does it work?

PHEN24 helps to solve this by regulating the metabolic rate as such that you lose weight even when you are at rest. Hence the constant burning of calories. It comes in two forms; the daytime formula and the nighttime formula. The body contains varieties of minerals and nutrients. The daytime formula has constituents such as zinc, magnesuim, copper, iodine, caffeine, guarana extract, L-phenylalanine, and cayenne powder. The nighttime formula has constituents such as ascorbic acid, calcium D-Pantothenate, pyridoxine Hcl, chromium, thiamine Hcl, D-Biotin, molybdenum, glucomannan, green tea extract, and hops extract.

How much does it cost?

A box of the PHEN24 contains both the daytime and nighttime tablets, and it goes for $79.99 per box. Buying two boxes gets you an extra box for free while buying 3 boxes gets you two boxes for free.

ZOTRIM (Appetite Suppressant)

ZOTRIM is a formula that focuses on suppressing your appetite. ZOTRIM has active ingredients which are extracts of popular plant parts. It is put together to make weight loss easier, by reducing your urge to eat, thereby reducing total daily calories. ZOTRIM works by suppressing the hunger centers in the hypothalamus. This contains cells which when overstimulated, cause the person to eat large amounts of food, and even eat snacks in-between meals. If this is left unchecked, the individual will end up consuming more calories than the body needs and will find it difficult to lose fat.

One park of ZOTRIM (which contains 30 day’s supply) goes for $47.


For anyone looking to loose weight all these products might be of interest to you. Looking at these three products, it is clear that they all aim to assist people with making weight loss easier and faster. However, they all have different compositions. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing one of these three natural weight loss supplements.

For example, if you feel you already eat very little food and still find it difficult to lose fat, then going for ZOTRIM won’t be the best. This is because it is assumed that your appetite is already suppressed. What you will need is something to fasten the rate of your metabolism. Similarly, if you face difficulties in controlling your calorie intake then ZOTRIM will be the drug of choice.

In terms of constituents, the three contain different ingredients, some of which are more natural than the other. FORSKOLIN250 can be considered to have a more natural origin in comparison. This is because it is a direct extract from the root of the Coleus forskohlii plant. PHEN24 on the other hand contains chemical elements that can be sourced naturally and can also be synthesized.

Pricing is another area of interest for most people. No matter how excited you might be to reduce calories taken, lose fat, and stay healthy, once the pricing doesn’t agree with your budget, then you won’t be able to afford the regimen. Of the three products, FORSKOLIN250 is considered the most affordable. Whether you want to buy one of it, or you want to buy more than one, FORSKOLIN250 still gives you a better deal for your money. Next in line is ZONTRIM, and lastly PHEN24 (which costs $79.99 per box).

There’s no doubt that to lose fat, you will have to do more than controlling diet and exercise. You will have to add a catalyst to the equation. This catalyst should come in the form of an herbal weight loss remedy!

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