All About Fitness 2021

fitness trends 2021

Overview Fitness and Exercising at home has become more and more popular - not just for weight loss. Reports from the E-commerce Times showed that last year, during the time when the coronavirus ...


HIIT workout

Overview HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an interval training consisting of a cardiovascular exercise strategy with alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise ...

The Ideal Fitness Journey

The Ideal Fitness Journey

The fact that we need to keep a healthy weight to keep fit is a general knowledge to everybody. The question that then comes to mind is; why aren’t more people participating in weight loss ...

The Effects of Obesity on Fertility

pregnancy test

For couples battling fertility, there is a fantastic tool that would help the scale. That is right. Being overweight or obese can affect a couple's ability to get pregnant. Obesity is the reason ...

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