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Potassium – Eating Healthy

healthy potassium rich foods to lower blood pressure

This macro mineral is an essential mineral, that is our body cannot produce it and we therefore need to include this into our healthy diet in order to ensure to have enough potassium for our system. ...

The Universe of losing Weight

belly fat exercise,

Sometimes, we experience fluctuations in our weight, and it is common to gain weight over time. However, if weight gain occurs in a very short time for no clear reason, it could be a sign of ...

Keto as a Senior

Keto After 50

A keto diet is generally a low-carb diet and a high-fat diet. It’s one of the most popular diets in the world. A lot of people nowadays are turning to the keto diet in order to live healthier ...

How to Eat and Drink to Remain Healthy

How to Eat and Drink to Remain Healthy

The popular saying which says that “health is wealth” can never be disputed. When someone lives an unhealthy lifestyle, and develops chronic conditions, no amount of wealth can restore the person’s ...

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